Creating images.

A passion, a need...

My name is Nicolas Meinguet, I live near Namur in Belgium. I am self-taught in the creation of photographic & video images.

I am fascinated by nature in all its forms and by the aesthetics that emerge from it. I like to search, observe, wait, test and build renderings that remind me somewhat of tales from my childhood or journeys of the mind.

In terms of my work, I need to continually evolve in order to overcome a form of perfectionism.

Basically, I have a deep desire for a paradigm shift to take place in the general public's view of nature. This is, undoubtedly, not considered at its fair value. Still too often soiled, ignored or overexploited, it is nevertheless the first home of life and a potential source of inspiration for all of humanity. It is in this sense that my project was born, through the belief that man respects more what he finds aesthetic.

Thank you very much for your attention to my work.